Akeso is the next generation online interactive learning tool. It takes age-old, proven, problem-based teaching techniques and fuses them with cutting edge technology to produce a revolutionary experience for both the student and the teaching staff.

Akeso represents the next generation of web-based teaching tools for medical students, residents, and fellows. Clinical case studies are a time-tested approach to developing the decision-making and diagnostic skills required for physicians to excel in any medical discipline. With Akeso, students gain access to a case study anytime, anywhere, giving them the interactive learning practice they need. Medical faculty can enter case studies themselves or select from a large library.

The genesis of this online learning tool lies in a collaboration between the residency program directors at the North Shore LIJ Health System and AIS Solutions, a custom software development company. The result is a highly flexible interactive training tool, suitable for students at all levels in all disciplines, that fulfills the ACGME General Competency requirements and has been recognized by the ACGME itself.

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