Akeso is designed to teach (through interactive case studies) or reinforce the critical thinking pathways by which physicians arrive at diagnoses. The end result is an accelerated mastery of the skills required to treat patients.

The learning process supported by the tool feels familiar to residents and medical students. They analyze patient case histories, order tests, prioritize options, and present decisions. At the same time, they have an opportunity to discuss case studies with their peers and a faculty member. They engage in the case study because they are actively involved in finding solutions.

For the medical faculty, Akeso provides flexibility. They can assign cases from the Akeso library or create new ones. They can build their own assessments or use assessment questions from the Akeso library. They can provide feedback to students or rely on feedback generated by the system. In many ways, Akeso serves as a virtual teaching assistant for the medical faculty.

Akeso has been custom built to suit the busy schedules and educational preferences of medical students, residents, and faculty.