Howard S. Seiden, MD Hillel Trope, DO Ruth Milanik, MD

Howard S. Seiden, MD
Associate Chief and Director of Medical Education
Division of Pediatric Cardiology
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

We began working with AIS Solutions to develop online interactive learning tool. We were attracted to AIS because of their expertise in technology and their commitment to understanding our needs. We set out to build a tool that would enhance our residents' learning experience and increase their medical knowledge. We knew that an online tool would take advantage of the technological savvy of today's residents and at the same time reduce the time pressure on our teaching physicians.

Akeso has far exceeded our expectations' because AIS Solutions committed time and expertise above and beyond our contract to ensure the program would be exceptional. The AIS programming team met with our medical team frequently and took the initiative to research possible approaches to the best solution.

Medical students and fellows at all levels in all disciplines of medicine can benefit from working in this tool. Akeso provides the crucial continuity of education from medical school to residency to fellowship and beyond. The case-based learning format with immediate feedback fulfills ACGME General Competency requirements, which is critical for any new learning tool and a dream-come-true for program directors. The feedback from experts in medical education, residents, and faculty has been outstanding.